Frequently Asked Questions

What is an overdue notice?

     Students have 12 school days to read and return a book(s) before it is considered overdue.  Students with overdue books are not allowed to check out until their overdue book(s) is returned.

Are there overdue fines?

No, there are not any charges for having an overdue book.

What is a lost book notice?

     A book is considered lost when it is more than 21 days overdue.  Lost items only need to be paid if damaged or lost.  If a student still has a lost book in their possession, they may return it without owing a fee.  Students with lost books are not allowed to check out until the book(s) is returned or paid for.

Can I buy a replacement book for a lost or damaged book instead of paying the required fee on the lost notice?

Unfortunately, no.  Library books are purchased from vendors who bind their books in such a way that allows books to attain a long shelf life.  Books purchased from Amazon, Books a Million, etc. have a cheap binding that would not hold up to multiple user use as seen in a library.

I paid for a lost book but I found it, what do I do?

As long as the book is not damaged, you can return it to the school library and a refund will be issued.

My child came from another school within the school district and still owes that school library books, what do I do?

If you have the books you can return them to the school they belong to or give them to your current school who can return them for you free of charge.

If you can not find the books then they must be paid for before your child can check out books at their current school’s library.